I have been living in London for more than ten years, I had good and bad times, left it for a couple of years for a break in a far away land and started my family there but , lately it felt like I got everything I needed from this city and I was ready to move on. My health is obviously a big factor  and I started craving life in a quieter place , to live with a different lifestyle. Then about 6 months ago my husband  got a job offer outside London and after some thinking we decided it was a good opportunity for him. We starting doing the part-time living together thing, where he was working there for three days a week and the rest from home. The job wasn’t just outside London , it was on an island , the beautiful Isle of Wight. Me and the little one went with him a few times, just to explore new places. The first time I went, I really didn’t like it! It was so different from what I was used to; but let me tell you a little secret, that’s a very common first reaction I have with things and even people when they are new to me, ( I know I need to work on that, not proud of it). It happened when I met some of my best friends to date and even my husband….I know shocking!!! Going back to the island, after each trip I started to see all the beautiful things that you can find there. Starting from the obvious, living close to the sea, a dream I always had. There is also a lot of green everywhere, lots of nature to explore. There are lots of places to visit with kids, it’s very family oriented . People are so different here, they actually smile at you and talk to you; I don’t wanna offend anyone but in London people are just so busy all the time, running about their life and they don’t really spend too much time connecting with the person next to them. Obviously not everyone is like that but most people, I feel.

So we took the big decision of moving out of London and three weeks ago moved to the Isle of Wight. We were very lucky and found a beautiful house, five minutes from the beach in a lovely community. I have been really quiet for the past month, a lot has happened and I will eventually talk about everything. My health is not great right now but not too bad either so I’m just trying to settle here. So far it has been amazing!! Yes you don’t have the chains of restaurants and shops that you can find at every corner in London , deliveries here are slower, you do need a car more than you do in London but in return you get days at the beach, fresh produce to eat, peace and quiet everywhere, friendly chats with neighbours and sunny days outdoor.

I believe everything happens for a reason and you can influence your future with your thoughts. I know I might be a bit naïve and this obviously doesn’t always work, otherwise I wouldn’t be in pain everyday  but you can’t deny that sometimes you ask and the universe gives you what you asked for. So my “mission “ here is to work on being more positive about life, after lots of dark periods. I already changed so much in the past year but there is a lot to work on still. Do you have a positive outlook in life, even in difficult times? Do you have any advise on how to keep positive? Please share, you could really help someone that is going through a rough phase.

For me it’s focusing on all the little joys I have in life, even when I’m in pain. Sometimes It’s about thinking about your blessings, like having my family and living in a beautiful new environment ; and others can be about more material things, because why not?!? I have been really enjoying buying furniture for our new house to make us feel comfortable and home. Every little thing that can give you reasons to keep going through an unfortunate chapter of your life is useful, keep hold of it and it will take you into another stage.


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”




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